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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Make an Elearning Session More Engaging

For a successful Elearning session, identifying the key requirements of the learners is extremely important. Determining the learning objectives of the student helps an Elearning session to cater to the specific requirements of the students. The process of learning in recent years has undergone massive changes. Hence, mere lectures with a one-way communication style are no more capable of engaging the learners' attention and involvement. Here, we have come up with a few tips that can help you make an Elearning session more effective and enjoyable.

Deliver content through practical stories

Using specific stories relevant to the context helps you in delivering content effectively resulting in greater engagement within learners. In this way, you can personalize the learning session by making it interesting. It is better to use familiar information, whenever you are introducing new concepts or content to the students.

Increasing interactivity

Collaborative and interactive aspects in the process of learning, help in making the education process more enjoyable. Knowledge garnered through interactivity enables students to use it more effectively with a practical approach. Through interactivity, learners gain enough opportunity to practice what has already been taught in the training sessions. Through regular assessments, quizzes and puzzles in the program, the knowledge base is widened.

Add attractive visuals

With visual effects, you can keep the Elearning course modules attractive. It is likely to help your learners remain attentive to what they are learning. Going through a long and protracted textual content is outright frustrating. You can make it interesting and balanced by using images or video content along with the text. It not only helps in better comprehension of the subject matter, but at the same time makes the learning experience enhanced. Try using info graphics, pie charts or diagrams for better results.

Make humor part of the content

Adding, jokes, quotes and cartoons in the learning content are likely to increase the interest of the learners towards it. The process helps students to be comfortable thereby reducing anxiety and stress, increasing attention, motivation and excitement.

Provide additional resources in the Learning Content

Always provide additional resources to keep people engaged. Any feedback given on the results of the assessments, quizzes or puzzles can be added as a positive input. Moreover, you can also provide additional resources such as job aids, interesting facts, tips or guidelines relevant to the subject matter.

Keep in mind that Elearning Sessions can only be effective and enjoyable when learners are engaged in the learning process. Hence, emphasis should be given on planning the course content, so that it can be visually enriching, inclusive of interactivities.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The History and Development of the Microphone

The various histories of music technology, microphones. Converting sound to an electronic voltage and then back again is the task of a microphone and an amplifier/ speaker. The microphone can change a sound source into an electronic signal and then send this signal through to a speaker to re-produce the sound. This signal is then able to be recorded for a permanent reference of the original sound.

Like so many inventions the ideas and developments have come from a need in this particular case the need was the telephone and later the radio. Below is a brief timeline of the existence and development of the microphone.

1827 - Sir Charles Wheatstone was the first person to coin the phrase "microphone"

1876 - Emile Berliner invented the first microphone used as a telephone transmitter. The Bell company later bought Berliner's microphone patent for $50,000 to improve their own telephone device

1878 - The carbon microphone was invented by David Edward Hughes. Hughes carbon microphone forms the basis to many of the microphones still in use today.

1916 - The condenser microphone invented at Bell Labs by E. C Wente and can also be referred to as a capacitor or an electrostatic microphone

Mid 1920s - The invention of the Electronic vacuum tube amplifier gave greater volume output for devices including the microphone

Late 1920s - The omni directional dynamic microphone was developed by Wente and Thuras and called 'The Westenr Electric 618A'.

1942 - The Ribbon microphone was invented for the new format of radio broadcasting the most popular were the 44BX and the 77DX developed by Harry Olson at RCA. The first ribbon microphones were extremely fragile and needed to be handled with care to maintain their high quality sound.

1962 - Bell Laboratories researchers James West and Gerhard Sessler patented The Electret microphone which offered greater reliability, higher precision, lower costs and smaller size and revolutionized the microphone industry.

The history of the microphone is a lot bigger than this brief overview and other areas that could be researched include: makes and models of microphones, polar patterns, types and different designs and also recording techniques using singular or multiple microphones.

For the A2 music technology (GCE 2008) exam (Question 4) if a relevant question came up the above information would be enough to get you the full 16 marks, but remember your answer needs to be well written and structured (bullet points are not excepted for this question).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 Key Tips for Success in Online Classrooms

Just as there are some tips for success in traditional classrooms, there are some key tips for successfully launching and continuing online classrooms. Both academic experts as well as corporate houses support the growing significance of online classes. They believe that internet-based classes can easily overcome the drawbacks associated with regular on campus classes.

In this article, I have tried to discuss the 6 key tips to achieve success with online classrooms.

Focus on Your Goals and Objectives

Ask yourself what you want to accomplish via these online classrooms. Try to focus on key areas which need to be addressed first and then create a list of online classroom courses and progress in a step-by-step fashion.

Utilize the Online Environment

Try and maximize utilization of the online, virtual environment. Besides, using the visual elements, add the audio and multimedia components to achieve greater success in creating and managing online classes. There are many software products available in the market that can help you to convert your regular offline classrooms into technologically advanced virtual classrooms.

Emphasize on Interactivity

Communication is one of the best ways to gain acceptance amongst students. Unlike traditional classrooms where you can see your fellow students and converse with them directly, online classes offer no such face to face interaction. In such circumstances, teachers should nurture more interactivity and togetherness amongst learners to let them feel comfortable in attending a virtual class. Through online forums, daily chats and emails, you can help them solve their doubts and in the process prepare them for various class activities.

Set High Expectations for Online Participation

Many people believe that online classrooms are not monitored properly. However, the time has come for you to prove these people wrong by carefully monitoring the progress of each class. Create high expectations by setting a deadline for submitting a specific project and informing students to follow the schedule as set by you. In this way, you can create more responsible students by integrating online activities in their daily learning schedule.

Encourage Group Discussions

Teachers should work towards encouraging group discussions amongst learners. Teachers can even invite a guest lecturer from a reputed school or college to conduct a learning session with the students. Create a virtual environment for the learners to freely discuss and chat about a specific lesson or an assignment.

Conduct Opinion Surveys

It is always good to gather feedback from students to know how far you have succeeded in fulfilling their expectations. In case you receive a negative opinion, improve on that area to meet the objectives.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's the Secret Behind the Rapid Success of Online Training Programs?

More and more companies are shifting towards introducing online training programs from the conventional model of offline face-to-face training sessions. It is important to find out why this sudden shift in learning patterns is showing a positive growth trend amongst organizations, irrespective of the size and complexity. It is because, as the industry experts and training organizers say, is due to a high amount of accessibility and flexibility to arrange training sessions as and when required.
Administrators don't have to search for a suitable location to hold the program nor do they have to hire external staff to manage registrations and look after similar administrative works. The new age online training programs can be organized in minutes using any computer with an internet connection. Potential trainees also find it extremely user-friendly in the sense they can attend a session from any corner of the world without thinking of travelling to venues and accommodation expenses.
Let's discuss the key benefits of arranging an online training session.
Anytime Access to Courses
Employees as well as customers can join a training session from wherever they are at present. Registrations can be done, 24x7. Again, individuals can send their registration fees online at a convenient time before the event day.
Automated Process
Starting from the registration process to fee collections can be managed over the internet. Hence, one does not need to worry about how he/she will single-handedly manage such a significant event. All registrant data (including all personal information and payment details) gets automatically collected and stored in the company central database for future reference.
Instant Delivery of Course Content
Trainers can instantly deliver a learning material or course content by uploading the same on his/her training website. Training attendees can then view this content or download any important document for future referrals.
Mixed-media Training Initiatives
Not only online training programs allow the usage of audio-visual elements, but they also encourage a blend of traditional face-to-face learning environment with a more advanced multimedia learning system. To be precise, you can easily arrange an onsite training program for a specific number of employees, making the registration process to be completed online. Another example can be introducing the Skype video conferencing facility to simultaneously arrange a training session at multiple locations.
Measure Learning Effectiveness
A trainer can measure the learning effectiveness of his or her attendees by conducting a post-training survey. Online surveying can be arranged quickly wherein you request all your participants to comment about the session and review its overall performance. You can generate survey forms online and upload the same on your website to let people fill it up at their convenience. You can even send the forms on their mobile devices (Smartphone, iPad, etc) to add more flexibility to the whole process.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Use Auditory and Visual Aid in E-Learning?

We all know that it's easier to learn when you get a little extra help: illustrations are the most common and at hand tool. They work around memory in a way that simple text reading cannot. This widely known fact has, unfortunately, led to overdoing by some trainers, especially in the case of e-learning.

Some illustrations and ideas were so often used that they quickly became clich├ęs. There are some drawings or pictures that everyone who ever took an online course has seen: the pupils having a blast at the computer, two people shaking hands, business men having a meeting in an office space and so on. It's what could be described as the most common of stock photography.

Images are extremely valuable, as they can easily show what would otherwise have to be defined in too many words. It so often happens that you read a tutorial and don't understand it until you look at the adjacent print screens or photos! In order to use visual aid at its best, one must take into consideration some basic guidelines. For example, it is important to know whether the respective image is the focus of the page (this could be valid in a course of Visual communication or Arts), or the illustration of a text (like when children learn the alphabet with the help of drawings of things that begin with that letter). Either way, the images must be relevant to the course content - otherwise they just fill up space, which is noticeable and damages the "reputation" of that very course. Relevance will also make them easier to remember. It is crucial that the visual aid does not distract from the content, but rather blends with it.

Another type of visual aid is video material - more complex, as it encompasses sight and hearing. As mentioned above, looking at something makes it easier to understand than having it explained, in the same manner that so many people would rather "see the movie" than "read the book". Seeing someone cut and sew a shirt is more helpful than reading a description of the process. There is no need for fancy equipment, as this is the era of YouTube and home video, when users are more interested in the content than in the quality of the video. Again, video is extremely helpful in the case of tutorials, whether it's about how to use certain software, how to put together your IKEA table or how to bake a cake. Videos also work excellently for students: if you're teaching a poem about the circus, why not show them a video of Charlie Chaplin at the circus? Though it might be a small distraction, it is also a well deserved break. And you can make sure they take it seriously by having them answer some questions on the topic afterwards.

The third medium that can be used to further engage your users is audio. This can function on its own, but it is usually associated with text or visuals. It's not the best idea to send the same message in audio and text, like with subtitles. The same goes for course explanations, examples or other neutral-toned statements. Audio should be reserved for stories, brief explanations and such. There are people who prefer audio to text - just think of audio books - but that would lead us away from the field of e-learning.

The trick to using these media is not to overload the learner. For example, if there is already a graphic chart on the page, explaining it with text might be too much, because they both appeal the same channel: sight. Pairing the chart with audio explanation might work though, as the two come in on different channels.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Keeping Your Learners Engaged

It happens in both traditional and e-learning that the learners have a low activity rate through the course and find themselves clueless in front of the final examination. Or, at the most, they have an all-nighter, trying to catch up with what they didn't learn in months because they were disengaged. Although some people might be ambitious enough to actually pass the test after a cram session, the results will be very short term: they'll forget the information soon and definitely won't be able to put it into practice.
In order to prevent that from happening to your course, there are some steps that you can follow. This way, you will keep your learners engaged and focused on the course, which will also raise the graduation rate of your course.
The first thing you need to do is break up your course in smaller bits. If you think a 60 minutes course is already small, try to break it up into four parts of 15 minutes each - which you can easily do with the aid of Moodle or another LMS. In these bits, include multimedia content, simuations and lots of examples. Have a small review at the beginning of each new chapter, because repetition really helps learning. You can do that with the aid of exercises, such as multiple choice on a given scenario. You can use the Lesson module in Moodle to begin your chapter with a couple of questions and only then have the learner proceed to the new information.
To keep your learners on the topic, social media is a successful tool. Create a blog, a Facebook page and/or a Twitter regarding the subject matter. You don't have to update them solely with course-related stuff, but you should keep that the main focus. Try some domain related humor or interesting links to spice things up. For example, if you're in advertising, find some cartoons that make fun of copywriters, but make sure you also introduce some popular commercials of the moment or an article from the web about your company. You can also send out a newsletter or, if applicable, put up a poster in the office.
When the course is done, you can create a very short follow-up course as revision. This should only contain the key points of the initial course, accompanied by memorable images or scenarios that you used in the original.
Another type of follow-up would be the brief email, emphasizing the key points of the course content. You can send it out soon after the course if over, and then you can send it again after another two weeks, four weeks, and so on. If you think this might be boring and a bit spamming, then send a follow-up exercise: something to provide repetition and reinforcement of the information, to be used as an example and to represent a practical application as well.
Keeping your learners engaged in the course doesn't only mean having them focused through its duration. It also implies that they actually learn something from it, something that they can use. And you can help them do that using attention-grabbing as well as follow-up methods.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Is a Wiki Really Useful in Education?

The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word meaning "quick". In internet culture, the term is associated with the technology that creates collaborative websites, the most known being Wikipedia.

The creator of the wiki, Ward Cunningham, says that he wanted people who wouldn't normally publish their writing to find it comfortable doing so. People who have something to say often can't find the context to put it in writing. By allowing users to initiate and modify any page in a website is liberating, in the sense that it encourages the equal, democratic use of the Web and promotes content creation by regular people.

Starting from the idea that knowledge should be available for anyone, Wikipedia found an opportunity and went with it - soon becoming one of the most accessed websites and most commonly used sources of reference. It is now obvious that web articles for which you have to pay to read don't have any value -  although you might be willing to pay to read them yourself, you can't link to them - they can't be shared, so they don't make it to the spotlight, they don't go viral, they can't be discussed.

Some of the advantages of the wiki are that, although its nature is open, not everyone has the same level of access and some rules are applied at all times. In order to use the wiki, there is no need for additional software, nor is there a need for specialized courses in learning how to manage a wiki. It's also good to know that technical problems are minimal.

Wikipedia was launched in 2001, as an alternative to the traditional encyclopedia. First of all, Wikipedia is free to everyone and it can be edited by anyone. Anonymous users can add, delete or modify content according to their own knowledge. The costs are minimal - unlike paper encyclopedias - and information can be updated instantly. You can start a page and write anything you want in it.  Anyone else can come along and make absolutely any changes to it that he wants to.  On the newly created page, you can link to any other pages, and, of course, they can link back.

Being open to such a large number of readers and writers, it is not easy to keep all information completely accurate. You can see who added what to a certain article; you can discuss the process of writing the article. The point of view may sometimes be subjective, the article may sometimes share only part of the information. Since errors may still occur, Wikipedia is rarely accepted as an academic source. Sometimes, students can't tell which article is reliable and which isn't, and they quote Wikipedia like it's completely accurate. Nevertheless, it covers an immensity of fields, from history to pop culture, from scientists to starlets and so on. There are pages in virtually any language. The articles are linked to one another, cross referenced, keeping the reader one click away from even more information.

The development of Wikipedia was spectacular. By the end of the year when it was launched, it had around 20.000 articles. In 2007, it had more than 2 million articles, becoming the largest encyclopedia to have ever existed. In 2004, it was already available for mobile phone usage, thus expanding even outside its original basis.

When it comes to other uses for the wiki, people often get confused; mostly because they don't realize how easy it is for this structure to be used. At a smaller scale, the wiki is a version of the Internet, with things that are, at first sight, randomly placed. But a wiki on a certain project has every reason to be well organized. While a number of people add to a page, they may also use the "discussion" section of any page to comment and debate their work in progress. The leader or an endorsed person may look in the "history" section to see every single version of the page, as it has been edited by users. Can teachers take advantage of this tool?

The wiki is easy to use, open to the integration of multimedia content. The teacher can evaluate both the quality and quantity of the students' work. The wiki platform offers an audience to the learning process (the educators as well as other students) and a collaborative working space, where the students can create and share content. In the educational field, wikis can be used as personal portfolios or for the coordination of research. They make it easier to follow a group project; they allow a Frequently Asked Questions system for the students; they make a good debate and discussion environment.

Like most other web 2.0 tool, the wiki has the appearance of being reserved for entertainment or, at the most, for gathering random information. At a deeper incursion, we find that it has true educational value and can be used in schools as well as in company trainings.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Teaching for Online College Programs Makes Sense Today

It is one thing to be an excellent teacher and it is another to know how to continue earning a living from teaching after teacher layoffs. The primary reason for this is that economic survival as an intellectual isn't on the course list in graduate school. For some reason the idea that dedicated public school educators could suddenly find themselves unemployed as a result of massive budget cuts is not available to professors that teach future public school teachers. Fortunately is it possible for a teacher with an earned graduate degree, a Ph.D. or master degree, to convert academic and intellectual strength into an online teaching citadel by learning how to acquire online adjunct instructor jobs with post-secondary academic institutions. The growth of online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs is creating many online teaching positions that must be filled by technically adept and academic qualified online adjunct instructors. The alert educators should realize by now that making the effort to learn how to teach online for multiple online degree programs is one of the best ways to construct a viable financial fortress in these troubled times.

The teacher layoffs seem to have taken a great number of academics by complete surprise, but the next round of pink slips should be met with a plan to discover the benefits of teaching online. The growth of online bachelor degree program and online master degree programs plus the adoption of distance learning by the thousands of community colleges and technical schools is creating a host of online adjunct jobs that must be filled by prepared academics. It is necessary for a prospective online adjunct instructor to learn how to use a personal computer because in order to teach college and university students enrolled in online college courses an online instructor will be required to move smoothly in and out of multiple digital interfaces. The educators with at least a modest level of skill with a computer should have no trouble learning how to interact with the online degree programs with two to five different post-secondary academic institutions. It goes without saying in order to teach online it is first necessary to start applying to teach online courses. This can be accomplished by navigating the Internet and locating the faculty application section of the thousands of post-secondary websites.

There is nothing like experience to encourage the candor necessary to make a realistic decision, and educators have the intellectual tools required to accurately determine the viability of distance learning in terms of their professional careers. There is very little discussion available about the growing presence of distance education technology, and the alert academic examining this should easily identify a growing number of online adjunct instructor jobs with online bachelor degree program and online master degree programs. Obviously, the educator that masters the functions of a personal computer and becomes proficient in the navigation of the Internet can start building an online teaching schedule. It is possible to teach online full time or part time depending on the amount of academic work the academic is willing to accept form various community colleges, state universities and for-profit colleges. The important first step any teacher interested in online learning must take is to start making applications in the faculty application sections of the thousands of post-secondary websites on the Internet. Each school that offers online college courses to its enrolled students actually needs academically qualified and technically proficient online adjunct instructors.

The shadow of teacher layoffs on the traditional campus is creating a need for academics to take a fresh look at jobs teaching online college courses. Obviously, the authority derived from taking control of the teaching schedule can have a very positive effect on an educator feeling threatened by budget cuts, and online teaching provides a teacher with an earned graduate degree the opportunity to increase the number of online classes in an online teaching schedule or decrease them according to financial goals. The best way to start acquiring online teaching positions is to apply for any many online adjunct faculty openings as possible each day in the faculty application sections of post-secondary websites. Every community college, state university, four-year state college, technical school and for-profit college offers its enrolled students online college courses, and there are more online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs every academic year. This means there is every reason to believe that an aggressive application strategy can eventually produce an online teaching schedule that will generate as much online adjunct income as can be earned by continuing to teaching in a traditional academic environment.

There is nothing esoteric about teaching online, but too many academics seem to think that logic is misplaced in the effort to transition out of the physical classroom and into a variety of online college classes that can be taught from a personal computer. The current thinking about distance education technology on the part of academic administrators is located in the economic impact the budget cuts to public education are making on the traditional academic industry and the skyrocketing cost of maintain the physical plants known as campuses. The logic of distance learning is that it is far less expensive to distribute post-secondary academic instruction on the Internet from a computer server than it is to continue offering the same academic instruction in a physical classroom. The new and returning college students understand the logic inherent in the convenience of earning an academic degree from work and at home from their laptop computers instead of driving a vehicle at odd hours of the day and evening to remote physical location. These two logics combine to produce many online adjunct openings that must be filled by academics with earned graduate degrees, a master degree or doctorate, as more online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs are deployed in an attempt to satisfy the education needs of swelling post-secondary student populations with less costly alternatives to the physical classroom. Additionally, these circumstances make it possible for a prospective online adjunct instructor to use logic to construct a sustainable online teaching schedule.

It may be difficult to find the bright spot on the traditional academic campus since the teacher layoffs seem to have no end. The nature of the educator with a graduate degree, however, is not one that gives up easily in the face of challenge, so an academic willing to learn how to teach online from a personal computer can actually produce a sunny academic forecast by understanding the role of distance education technology and how it is creating many online adjunct job openings. The aggressive online adjunct instructor can build an online teaching schedule populated with as many as ten online college classes. There is no doubt if each online class pays the online instructor two thousand dollars the online adjunct income can compete against a traditional faculty salary and win. Further, the online adjunct instructor can teach the college and university students enrolled in the online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs from any place on the globe that provides a connection to the Internet. Obviously, it will take some focus and determination to transition out of the physical classroom and into an online teaching schedule, but teaching online for a living is preferable to watch traditional teaching jobs disappear at an increasing rate as budget funds for public education make the cost of maintaining the physical plants knows as campuses and the classrooms on them less affordable every semester. The best strategy for locating online adjunct faculty openings is to learn how to submit evidence of academic achievement and classroom experience in the faculty application sections of post-secondary websites.

When educators still teaching in the physical classroom or teachers recently unemployed as a result of public education layoffs think about the prospect of teaching online for online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs the question of whether it can actually produce enough online adjunct income to make it worth the effort. The answer is that a full time online teaching schedule containing six to ten online faculty openings can generate an income that will equal or exceed that what can be earned by continuing to teach on the traditional campus. Of course, there is more than income available to an online adjunct instructor. For example, every online college courses is located on the internet. This means that all that is necessary to access the online degree program is a laptop computer and an Internet connection. Actually, it is this feature about earning an academic degree online that attracts so many new and returning college and university students. The point is that the online instructor and the college students do not need to be present in any one physical classroom in order to connect with each other. Since every post-secondary academic institution is deploying online courses as quickly as possible, the economic opportunities for educators with earned graduate degrees, a doctorate or master degree, and sharp computer skills is practically endless because it is easy to teach online for multiple schools without actually being on the schools' campuses.

The teacher layoffs came like a thunderclap for many academics teaching in a physical classroom on a traditional campus. However, just as the passing of a thunderstorm reveals the clear sky often painted with rainbows, the disturbance in the academic labor market reveals online teaching as a viable alternative to traditional academic employment. For example, a traditional academic position generates just one salary, and that salary can be lost to severe budgetary cuts in public education. Conversely, an online teaching schedule populated with multiple online faculty positions generates a variety of online adjunct income streams that are not interdependent in the sense that if one is lost the others continue throughout the year. Since every community college, technical school, state university and for-profit college now offers online degree programs to their enrolled students, the chances of developing a alternative academic career that can be coordinated from a personal computer located in any developed geographic location on the planet are very high. The best place to start investigating online teaching opportunities is to visit the websites of post-secondary academic institutions. Each school has a faculty application section that is specifically designed to accept academic credentials and documentation of classroom experience. The budget cuts to public education are creating a rocky academic employment landscape that can be smoothed out by building an online teaching schedule. Academics worried about their employment status in the physical classroom should make the effort to apply for online adjunct faculty jobs with online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs because it is now obvious that the majority of post-secondary educational instruction is being moved to the Internet. The reason there are so many opportunities to teach online is simply because academic administrators are discovering that it is very cost efficient to provide new and returning college students with online college classes leading to an academic degree they can earn from their personal computers. Of course, each online college course must be taught by a qualified online adjunct instructor, so as the online college degree programs become more available the number of online teaching job openings grows at the same time. The academic with an earned graduate degree and a moderate level of computer skill can begin building an online teaching schedule by entering the required information about academic achievement and classroom experience in the faculty application sections of community colleges, four-year state colleges, state universities and for-profit schools. It will take a high degree of focus to organize a successful search for online teaching positions, but the effort will be worth it since teaching online can smooth out the academic employment landscape by generating online adjunct income all year long.

One of the most difficult issues facing educators during the rounds of teacher layoffs is which direction to go in after becoming unemployed as a provider of educational instruction. After all, the general economy and the associated high levels of unemployment in other fields does not offer much in the way of opportunity for an intellectual seeking alternative employment in public education. In addition, the vast majority of teachers are place bound in that they are accustomed to working on the same physical campus for decades and the idea of having to travel to another geographic location in search of teaching work is truly a difficult prospect. Fortunately, distance education technology can solve both of these problems by providing the academic with an earned graduate degree, a doctorate or master degree, with plenty of adjunct online faculty jobs and an extreme level of professional mobility. Since all online college degree programs are located on the internet all of the interaction an online adjunct instructor has with them is accomplished from a personal computer. This means the professional mobility inherent in online teaching as a career path is literally not available to educators that stay in the physical classroom on the traditional campus. Academics with earned graduate degrees that want a ticket out of the traditional classroom can find the ticket in an online teaching schedule.

Many academics are forced to deal with teacher layoffs resulting from budget cuts to public education and they are finding the task difficult and demoralizing since the general economy is suffering from high unemployment. After all, if an educator can no longer teach in a physical classroom on a traditional campus just where else is there to work and earn a decent living. Fortunately, distance education technology is coming to the rescue for alert academics with earned graduate degrees, a master degree or doctorate, and at least a modest level of computer skill. The best way for educators to confront the academic employment issue is to learn how to construct an online teaching schedule populated with online adjunct job openings with online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs. The distance learning programs are increasing in number each semester provides an alternative career path for academics that understand why online college courses are important to new and returning college students and academic administrators of post-secondary academic institutions. The real reason there are so many available online faculty job openings is that college students want to avoid the cost of traveling to a physical campus and administrators want to avoid the cost of maintain the physical classrooms. The prospective online adjunct instructor can learn about the distinct possibilities of earning a living by teaching from a personal computer by visiting the thousands of state university, community college, four-year state college and for-profit college websites on the Internet.

The situation for educators teaching in physical classrooms is murky right now as a result of the continuing uncertainty about emerging teacher layoffs. While this is understandable given the situation on the traditional campus, it can be rectified by beginning a successful campaign for online teaching. However, in order to do so an academic must have a clear vision about the changes in the academic labor model. To put a sharp point on the reality of teaching today, academic administrators are no longer willing or able to support the salaries paid to traditional educators working traditional public education settings. Instead, they would prefer to hire online adjunct instructors to fill the growing number of online adjunct professor jobs at the post-secondary academic level. The teacher working at the secondary or elementary level of the academy with a graduate degree, a master degree or Ph.D., should take a long look at the online teaching opportunities with community colleges, state universities, for-profit colleges or technical schools. Every post-secondary academic institution has a website, and on each academic website is a link on the first page that will lead to the faculty application section. It is in this section of the school's website that information about available online teaching jobs can be found by prospective online adjunct instructors.

When an online adjunct college professor is teaching online college classes from a laptop computer while sitting in the lobby of a small hotel in Paris the freedom afforded by online teaching positions is palpable. It is possible for an academic with a graduate degree, a master degree or Ph.D., and an online teaching schedule to teach college and university students all year long from practically any geographic location in the world. While many teachers would not travel or move to Paris, there are many educators who have been the subject of budget cuts that would like to simply move to a less costly town or small city. The problem with traditional teaching is that the same academic labor problems are magnified in the less populated areas. Teaching at the post-secondary level of the academy in numerous online adjunct professor jobs is a goal that can be achieved by making many applications for online adjunct jobs every day. The way to make these applications efficiently and effectively is to navigate the Internet to the websites of community colleges, state colleges and four-year universities. Inside these academic websites is a faculty application section. This section of the post-secondary website is designed to accommodate the submission of classroom experience and academic achievement.

The broad consensus about online education is that it satisfies a great number of needs for college and university students and the academic administrators that must meet the enrolled students' educational needs. Teachers working in physical classrooms should understand the function of online degree programs insofar as they meet the new academic employment dynamics as they are defined by the cost-efficiency of distance education technology. The simple fact of the matter is that online adjunct jobs are less burdensome on public education budgets than traditional teacher salaries. The alert educator will understand that the way to continue teaching and still earn a decent living in the face of continuing layoffs is to learn how to apply for and acquire online college classes. An online teaching schedule populated with six to twelve online courses can generate multiple online adjunct income streams throughout the calendar year. Granted, teaching online will require a graduate degree, a master degree or Ph.D., and increasingly sophisticated computer skills, but the academics that make it a professional goal to access the growing number of online teaching positions will be able to earn a living long after the teachers on the physical campuses have been told to go home.

It is becoming harder than ever to remain in the physical classroom since the budget cuts to public education seem to have no end. As more traditional educators lose their salaries from teaching it is important for them to realize that online teaching jobs can relieve academic hardships. The truth of the matter is that distance education technology is relatively easy for academic administers to deploy since it is a mature technology and the post-secondary level of the academy, community colleges, state universities and for-profit colleges, utilize it as a way to replace the expensive physical classroom on the traditional campus. The result of the emergence of online college degree programs is a great deal of online adjunct employment that needs the participation of academically qualified and technically adroit online adjunct instructor to accept it. Every online college class that is developed in order to allow a college or university student to earn an academic degree from a personal computer must be taught by an academic with an earned graduate degree. However, if a teacher with a bachelor degree is willing to earn a master degree or Ph.D. it will be possible upon graduate to start building an online teaching schedule populated with numerous online college courses.

It is not at all necessary to exit the physical classroom in order to start teaching online for online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs. In fact, it would be a very good idea for an educator that is still teaching on a traditional campus to stat investigating how online adjunct jobs are being created each time a new online college degree programs is made available to college and university students. The fact o the matter is that each online college courses within an online degree program must be taught by an online adjunct instructor with an earned graduate degree, a doctorate or master degree, and at least a moderate level of computer skill. It is possible to teach as few as one or two online courses at a time, and since many online degree programs offer classes that last only five to eight weeks long and are offered to college students twelve months of the year, the online adjunct income streams can certainly come in handy in the event of another round of teacher layoffs. The best search strategy for locating adjunct teaching positions online is to navigate the Internet to the faculty application sections in the websites of community colleges, state universities and for-profit colleges.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Earth Day 2012: How Online MBA Students Are Protecting the Environment

Earth Day first came about in 1970 on March 21 - the first day of spring. The concept was pioneered by John McConnell at a UNESCO Conference. At about the same time a separate Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. The aim of this day is to focus on the environment and work towards the protection of the planet. Earth Day has grown to be coordinated globally by The Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. Today, the protection of the environment is of utmost importance. With a global population of over 6 billion, we are running out of resources fast.

This year Earth day will be celebrated on April 22. Different communities came together and contributed in various ways to protect the environment. However, just one day in the year is not enough to sufficiently reduce the damage that we are causing to this planet. It requires a change in lifestyle to reduce our carbon footprints and proactively work towards improving the way we treat Planet Earth.

As Americans we spend a lot of resources on an act as simple as travelling. The average American drives 37 miles every day. Taking this into consideration, an MBA student is most likely to drive 15-20 miles a day to and from school; let's say 17miles. That's 85 miles a week, 340 miles a month and 3230 miles per MBA school year! With the price of gas in California averaging around $4, that's almost $12,920. That's a lot of money spent and an even larger carbon footprint created.

Students who take up online MBA programs contribute a great deal to reducing our average carbon footprint. Since they don't drive to and from their school every day, they reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the air by a substantial amount. Online MBA programs allow them to learn from the convenience of their homes. They can attend lectures, consult with faculty and give exams in the same manner. They don't lose out either. There are various accredited online MBA programs which hold the same value as fulltime MBA courses and are also much more affordable. In fact, online MBA courses have several perks. They are flexible in nature, allowing students to learn in environments that they are comfortable with and at a pace that suits them.

Even those students who are enrolled in Hybrid MBA programs are saving the planet far more than the average student. A Hybrid MBA program is one which has part on-campus, part online coursework. This also includes a substantially less amount of driving and wasting gas.

In another aspect of saving the environment, students who enrol in online MBA programs use far less paper than other students. Their exams are conducted online and their notes are distributed via the Internet. Also classrooms that facilitate hundreds of students have a footprint of their own. Tens and hundreds of classrooms require central air-conditioning, a cost which is no longer a burden to the planet when it comes to online MBA universities.

With these highlights in mind, both environmental and otherwise, more and more students are opting for online MBA programs and doing their bit to save the planet.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

5 Essential Tips for Success in Online Classrooms

Online classrooms offer you the flexibility and convenience that traditional classrooms can't. On campus, you cannot expect to see a student roaming around campus, attending classes at the time that suits him/her best. There is a fixed time to do every activity ranging from attending classes to completing assignments and giving tests as scheduled by the educational administrators.

Online classrooms encourage communication and interaction between the teacher and the students and amongst students themselves. Classrooms conducted over the internet are extremely dynamic in nature and is evolving through new innovations with each passing day. With online classes in place, teachers have got the advantage of communicating with the learners anytime they feel like. Learners can also converse with the teacher, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even after the end of a class or before the beginning of the next one.

Let's look at tips that lead to success in online classrooms.

Be Comfortable Communicating Online

Web-based learning calls for a better communication level. It means you have to be comfortable enough talking with instructors and other students in a virtual environment. Often, a student confronts problems when attending online classes since most of them are habituated with a face-to-face, onsite classroom setup.

Be Tech-savvy

One of the vital aspects of attending online classrooms is that people have to be a little tech-savvy to browse through the course catalogs, examination details, and so on. They should know how to download learning materials from the website as well as share text books with other fellow classmates.

Be Proactive

Students need to be that much proactive in a virtual class just like they happen to be when attending a regular class in schools and colleges. Students should ask questions to the instructor when in doubt and should also regularly participate in online forum to discuss about any learning material with the fellow classmates.

Stay in Contact with Your Teacher

In online classrooms where you cannot see your instructor physically, you should make it a point to stay in constant touch with your teacher to get things right. You should always contact your teacher to know when to submit a specific assignment or a project and clear doubts regarding any learning documents or coursework.

Be Realistic About Budgeting Your Time

In online classrooms, the courses are available, 24x7. Hence, students get the freedom to access study materials at their own convenient time. However, it is always better to complete a semester on time and for that purpose one needs to set aside a specific time for studying, finishing the projects, and giving the examinations. Online classrooms include completing homework as well as discussions with the teacher, and submitting work as per the instructions of the teacher. Developing the mentality of finishing work on or rather before time is always good for your educational career.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Online Examination Software - Making the Life Of Students Easier

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in the education sector, Online Examination Software is a significant technological advancement that every school should configure in their examination system. A remarkable technology, online examination software has revolutionized the whole examination system. This technology is very popular among universities abroad and is an important tool for the schools that wish to be included in the list of best schools in the world. Using this technology, Instead of traditional paper based written tests; exams are conducted on computer which ultimately helps in saving time and most importantly, paper. Due to the easy availability of computers and internet, this modern method of examination is widely accepted in almost all academic institutions.

Online exam creator abridges the whole exam process and also simplifies the evaluation process. Using this amazing tool, colleges can get rid of lengthy examination formalities such as question paper creation, populating candidate's registration details and further evaluating the answer sheets to send out the result. Online Examination software is carefully crafted by industry experts to bring efficiency in complete competitive exam process. Safe and convenient, this online exam manager lessens the probability of errors during the evaluation and makes results available in a few clicks.

With the help of online exam creator, multiple set of question papers of every subject can be created without putting in much effort and time. These practice tests boost confidence in students and make them comfortable with the typically perceived fearful examination atmosphere and eventually help them to perform well in their actual exams. This computer-based exam software is a boon for teachers and school management who spend hours on making question papers, checking answer sheets, evaluating results and preparing progress-cards of thousands of students. Colleges can also carry out weekly or monthly chapter-wise online exams and assess the overall class performance. Teachers who learn to operate online examination creator can teach more effectively and give special attention to students in their day-to-day learning process.

Online examination management solution is an economic way to assess and improve the students' academic performance as they can also take up multiple mock tests prior to appearing for any major competitive exam. This advanced IT tool will give your students an edge over others and allows them to appear for any state-level, national-level or even international level competitive exams in distant locations without being physically present at the exam location. This online exam creator can be customized according to individual school or college needs and ensures effectiveness in the performance of schools as well as their students.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cyber School During Elementary Years

My younger cousin, who is in fourth grade now, will be going into virtual school soon. I'm interested to see how he does in online school because I think it would be harder for younger grades.
Cyber school needs more patience and self-discipline than public school. I mean think about it, you have to create your own schedule, and spread out your work in a specific amount of time. Just waiting to do all of your work on the last week is pretty tempting. I don't know if kids who have only been in school for a few years could easily control themselves.
This is why I personally wouldn't suggest virtual school for anybody under the age of about 13.
Also I do find public school important growing up. In public school you do learn really important things like how to manage your time and get homework done. Along with that you learn how to interact with people, how to handle different situations, how to respect teachers and students and making friends.
You can see how without all of these traits it can be hard for a kid later in life. So if you don't do public school you have to find another way to learn these things like my friends the O'Wells. They have always been cyber and home schooled, and their way of coping with that is getting involved with community things like church and their local fire hall.
Another reason I wouldn't recommend cyber school to younger kids is because having real teachers in a classroom setting is important. During those years most of the subjects are reading, writing, basic math and logical thinking. All of these subjects are very important foundation lessons that you need to really grasp well before moving on.
In virtual school it could be hard to spend a lot of time on one subject, instead of just barely grasping the concept then doing the test and just completely forgetting about it. Also it would be frustrating to learn those subjects that are so complex at that age, and not have a teacher next to you to answer your questions. Not to mention it would be tough to learn reading if you can barely read the instructions.
Home schooling is a little bit better than cyber school in lower grades, but even though it eliminates the whole idea of grasping a subject and having somebody with you, it doesn't really eliminate the first problems of less developed social skills.
With all of that said, I do think there is a way to do virtual school and home schooling the right way like the O'Wells and have the children turn out absolutely fine, but I still don't recommend it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hebrew Words That Starts With the Letter Gimmel

Here are some words that start with the letter Gimmel of the Hebrew Alphabet and also their English translations:

Gan is garden; it's to lift up life, on the right side of the word Gan you will see the Gimmel, on the left you will see the letter Nun which means life. So what does garden mean? To lift up life! Doesn't that just makes sense? That's what gardens do, you put seeds in there, and you water it with the Holy Spirit or the Ruach and up come life in the Garden of Eden which was the garden of life.

Ga ah, it is a Gimmel, an Aleph, and a He. This is the word for pride and go figure what does it mean. To lift up the head of the leader above or revealed, to lift up the head that is revealed. That is what pride is, Pride lifts the head above everyone else. That's what pride is, Ga ah. How many knew that the word gay was a Hebrew word? It means proud. You'll never look at that word the same again.

Golgotha is the place that was lifted up when the Messiah gave His life; He was the richest man on earth, was He not? He was the richest man in the universe and He was also the most generous man because He's connected to Gimmel. Gimmel is the third letter of the Hebrew Alphabet which means it is connected to the number three. That is why Golgotha starts with the Gimmel and not any other letter; it is the place of giving and by the way the place of the skull was not a place of rock that look like a skull. It is a place where they counted people for the census.

Gavah means majesty, pride, or to rise up there's a royal connection to it. Reward or Recompense.

Gamal is a benefactor, one who bestows gifts on people. You see Gimmel is connected to generosity; it's connected to the one who sits in the camel for one purpose and one purpose only, it's to bestow and to bring gifts. Who sat on the camel to bring gifts to the most powerful man in the universe? The wise men did!

Do you see the prophetic significance? The camels are connected to the rich men who bring gifts and bestow upon people the sense of being proud. It is all connected to the letter Gimmel.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Five Secret Tricks to Boast of Your Degrees Earned Online on Facebook

Facebook has surfaced as an alternative and virtual social platform where we can mix and mingle with each other and go social without hampering our working life. Have you ever envied your friends who have completed their graduation or higher studies from a regular college and posted that status update on Facebook? Have you ever cursed your hectic working life for not giving you that time space for pursuing a degree or diploma that you have long aspired for? If so, here is a chance for you to brag about your own achievements too. A lot of colleges and universities are offering now online degrees. Many of these degrees are accelerated and low-cost in nature and if you can earn a degree online (and that too within 8-9 months) that is equivalent to those on-campus degrees; you can also ignite envy of others on Facebook. Here are some secret tips to do that.

Educational Status Update: You have noticed the Education and Work subsection in the Info section of your Facebook profile. While you start pursuing an online degree, update that section and see what happens next. Your friends and acquaintances would start asking you the cost and other aspects of that course. Now is your turn to let them know the advantages of the e-degree, the low-cost compared to the on-campus degree etc.

Celebrate Your Achievements: Facebook is the best place in the virtual world to show your friends and acquaintances whenever you reach a new milestone. Online colleges do not confer certificates to the successful students amidst hundreds of people who are nonchalant about that matter. After completing your online criminal justice degree or something, just post status update like, 'I have just passed XYZ course from XYZ online college'. Take pleasure in getting flooded with congratulatory messages and wishes. It's your time for rejoicing.

Guerilla Boasting: Just go to a friend's photo album where he or she has shared pictures of his university convocation seminar. Congratulate your friend and add that you have also earned a degree online and you know what it feels like. However, if you can get a scope for mentioning the low-cost and the flexibility of the course, do that. You will find many people are trying to know more about these online degree programs which is in a way enriching your profile status.

Add Honorific: When you get post-graduated from an online college or something, add an honorific before your name such as 'Master' or 'PhD'. This will automatically reflect your achievements and you will find people suddenly getting inquisitive about you. Is this what you have craved for long?

Take Part in Discussions: However, you should not blatantly brag but be modest in your tone and approach. Take part in active discussions and show them how you have benefitted from the virtual degree. Encourage others to ask you questions and patiently answer each and every question and get social. Remember, barefaced bragging would reach you nowhere. Learn to become a part of the online community.

If you are still dreaming about pursuing higher studies, it's time to wake up. Online degrees can be easily pursued online without impeding your working life. Just go on the web and find out more. Alternatively, log in to your FB account and you will surely discover someone in your friend list who is either pursuing or has already completed this higher studies online and who is just like you, working somewhere.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

All About Virtual Learning Environments

With rapid developments in the field of technology, the Learning and Development industry has incorporated dynamic changes in the process of learning. The World-wide Web has now become the newest platform for conducting classes and training sessions. With web-based learning becoming the rage, virtual learning environment is gradually gaining ground. Following the virtual environment, the Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is turning out to be the most popularly used learning platforms.

Normally, a virtual learning environment involves an integrated set of computer software tools to support learning. Here is a brief description of how virtual learning environment streamlines the process of learning.

•A virtual environment gives unlimited access to the course content and study material as and when required, no matter where you may be located.

•The system offers an organized and steadfast repository of content, and thus streamlines the entire content management system. It helps instructors to upload and organize study materials via a Web-based platform even without using technical tools such as File Transfer Protocol or FTP.

•Virtually users can create a private community and can carry out important conversations using a range of synchronized communication tools, like bulletin boards, real-time chat rooms, discussion forums, and so on. It helps in expanding their knowledge base.

•Learners can be divided into small sub-groups depending on the subject they are studying. With the help of communication tools, students can access tutorial support and enhance peer-to-peer interaction.

•Virtual environment offers a host of reporting tools that allows a learner to evaluate their day-to-day performance. Besides, instructors can efficiently administer the assessed tests.

•There is a number of tracking tools available, which enables users to keep detailed information about the students and class schedules.

The virtual learning platforms come with ready-to-use course materials, such as content according to the curriculum, interactive, multimedia components and so on. The new age virtual environments are integrated with Web 2.0 features such as Wikis and blogs in order to accentuate the interactive aspects in the process of learning.

At present, academic and corporate training organizations are increasingly using virtual learning environments to ensure flexibility in the process of imparting knowledge. Both on-campus and distance learners can access its benefits. On-campus students can get the access to study materials beforehand and can have an idea about the curriculum. In case of distance learning, it breaks the geographical barriers thereby enabling students to get access to course content and online classes instantly.